Resources for United States and Canada

  • Standard Plans Meetinghouse Standard

    Download standard drawings, calculations, and option sheets used for meetinghouse design and construction.

  • Specifications Specifications

    Download standard specifications used for church facility design, construction, replacements, and improvements.

  • Design Guidelines Design Guidelines

    Guidelines unique to the Church that convey preference, intent, and standards in the design and construction of church facilities.

  • Civil Resources Site Civil Resources

    Standard site details for parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways, outside storage buildings, and pavilions.

  • Landscape Resources Landscape Resources

    Site management plan templates, annuals service calendars, prototypical plans, SMART controller checklists and training.

  • Seminaries & Insitutes Seminary & Institute
    Standard Plans

    Download drawings, calculations, option sheets used for seminary and institute design and construction.

  • Record Drawings As-Built / Record Drawings

    How to request or submit drawings of church facilities for construction or maintenance projects.

Who Is This Site For?

Although visitors are welcome, this site is designed for architects, engineers, landscape architects, contractors, subcontractors, VMR manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and Church field personnel working on Church design, construction and maintenance projects.

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