Staff Directory

Division Administration
Terry Cano Division Director 240-6737
Nancy Black Administrative Assistant 2 240-2431


A&E Advisers
Chris Jenkins Section Manager 240-9582
Wayne Balle A&E Adviser 240-1533
Randy Fong US/Canada AEM 240-3175
Russell Hansen A&E Adviser 240-2648
Don Hein US/Canada AEM 240-8214
Layne Packer A&E Adviser 240-9856
Mark Shaffer Client First Contact 240-2448
Ken Spence Client First Contact 240-6587


Construction Advisers
Colton Taylor Section Manager 240-2257
Steve Markham Construction Adviser 240-6621
Jim Russell Cost Estimator 240-9464
Russell Hansen Legal 240-2648


Support Services
David Alley Section Manager 240-0381
Doug Gardner Architectural Technician 240-4953
Michael Jenson Interior Designer 240-3367
Gail Olsen Specifications Writer 240-5257
Colby Forbush Architectural Technician 240-6344


Design and Facilities Support
Dan Haltinner Section Manager 240-3173
Chris Barker Structural Engineer 240-1664
Mark Callister Mechanical Engineer 240-4421
Kurtis Dallinga Sound / Acoustics Engineer 240-0994
Max Gandy Mechanical Engineer 240-4675
Les Goforth Architect 240-4344
Richard Hope Architect 240-5075
Steve Poulsen Sound / Acoustics Engineer 240-3622
Willie Oviedo Electrical Engineer 240-9687
David Wright Landscape Architect 240-9478

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